La Paz Yacht Charters

Explore the Beauty and Marine Life of La Paz by Chartering a Luxurious Yacht

At Cabo Yacht World, we strive to deliver the best experiences when it comes to exploring the beauty and marine life of Cabo San Lucas and La Paz. So, whether you’re hitting the waves of Cabo or planning a trip to La Paz, Mexico, get in touch with us to make your trip to your favorite destination, truly amazing.

We, at Cabo Yacht World, specialize in both Cabo yacht rentals and La Paz yacht charters. With us, you can charter a luxurious sea ride at an affordable price. Recognized as the leaders in offering world class La Paz yacht charter services globally, rest assured that all yachts in our fleet are well-maintained and equipped with top features, and amenities, guaranteed to not just meet your expectations of value but to exceed them. We offer you extravagance, and luxury on board, making your experience of traveling to La Paz unforgettable.

Enjoy Sports Fishing and Explore La Paz in Style

Nestled in the mesmerizing Ensenada Bay, La Paz invites everyone to experience its magic. La Paz offers a relaxing and laid back, peaceful ambiance. However, as soon as you travel a little further from Ensenada Bay, and hit the wide open waters of Mar de Cortez, you are in for a game fishing treat. Here, you can find the waters highly concentrated with a variety of marine species including Dorado, Marlin and Big Tuna.

The water may be calm and clear in La Paz but the adventure underneath is super fun, and hard core. You can find schools of acrobatic game fish swimming right below your Las Paz yacht charter—taking hold of your bait and ripping yards of the line from your fishing reel.

Let’s just say that for game fishing here, make sure that you’re well-equipped for an action-packed Las Paz sea adventure!

Besides having a great time while game fishing, you, and your friends or family, can also explore the astounding beauty of La Paz in style, by hiring our yacht rentals. Our yachts offer luxury at its best. From comfort to cleanliness, we make sure that each yacht charter is well-maintained and delivers unmatched comfort and luxury to our customers.

With us, you can feel like a royalty. That’s right; our luxury charters are extremely beautiful, well-furnished and incredibly spacious.

The deck and inside space offers sufficient space so that you and your large group of guests can relax and unwind. Simply lie on the deck, enjoy the cool winds and watch the marine beauty in all its glory, like never before. And you know what the best part is? This is just the beginning of what you can expect on our La Paz yacht charters.

Just like our Cabo San Lucas luxury yacht charters, our La Paz yacht charters are equipped with both basic and luxurious amenities. Our yacht charters feature cabins with comfortable beds and high quality furniture so that you can enjoy a good sleep offshore. The yachts also have proper dining rooms where you can enjoy delectable meals with your family and friends and celebrate the moments. All rooms are equipped with electronic innovations.

Your Pleasure is Our First and Top Most Priority

At Cabo Yacht World, your pleasure is our first priority and therefore, we go the extra mile to deliver it! Our charters also feature an assortment of water toys and equipment so that you can indulge in numerous fun-filled activities in the waters of La Paz. From snorkeling to scuba diving and sports fishing, you can enjoy all these water activities on our yacht charters.

Comfort, cleanliness and unwavering quality assume a striking part in our lavishness La Paz yacht charters services. Cabo Yacht World is the leader in world class yacht rental services in the world. We investigate each vessel to guarantee it meets your elevated expectations of value and in addition surpasses your desires for a straightforward extravagance yacht cruise. These charters on rent are ideal for family reunions, enterprise looking for companions or even organizations searching for a group building or remunerate experience. Therefore, it is a radically a better approach to investigate superior services. Both the outside and inside of these yacht charters will make you feel like a tycoon. Deck and inside space are sufficiently spacious to kick back and make the most of your contract in solace. Notwithstanding open salons and dining rooms and rooms equipped with electronic innovation. Our La Paz yacht charters are equipped with an assortment of amenities for you and your visitors who are going to appreciate numerous water exercises, including snorkeling and scuba diving activities.

Check-Out our Fleet to Select Your Favorite Yacht Charter

We, at Cabo Yacht World, offer you a large variety of La Paz yacht charter fleet of different sizes to accommodate a large group of people. From the 55 foot vessel that is designed to accommodate 10 guests to the 110 foot luxury yachts that are equipped to accommodate 20 guests, we offer you a range of choices.

Browse through our fleet and select a ride that suits your style and can perfectly accommodate the number of people you are planning to bring along.

Why compromise on your vacation, when you can get it all at an affordable price with Cabo Yacht World?

Get started now!

Explore and Enjoy Your La Paz Sea Vacation in Style and Luxury, and bring home experiences worth sharing and recalling.

La Paz Yacht Fleet

Below is a brief example of our fleet. FOR FREE QUOTE, VISIT OUR CONTACT PAGE. NOW!

165 foot luxury yacht for weekly charters only.

110 foot Luxury yacht for up to 20 guests

100 foot Azimut for up to 15 Guests

55 foot Meridian for up to 8 Guests

60 foot Hatteras for up to 10 Anglers.

55 foot Azimut for up to 10 guests

70 foot Sun Seeker for up to 15 Guests.