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Cabo Luxury Yacht Charters

Sail, Celebrate and Enjoy in the Waters of Cabo San Lucas in Luxury and Style

Whether you’re planning a getaway holiday trip with friends and family, thinking of making your wedding day extra special and truly unforgettable, or looking for an action-packed sea adventure, get in touch with Cabo Yacht World for Cabo luxury yacht charters. Sail, celebrate, and enjoy in the waters of Cabo San Lucas, both in luxury and style.

Rent a luxury yacht, and set out in the waters of Cabo to enjoy an experience of a lifetime. Sail through the sea in style and explore all that Cabo has to offer in sheer luxury.

Cabo San Lucas Luxury Yacht Charters—Browse Through Our Fleet to Make Your Pick!

At Cabo Yacht World, we offer you the most luxurious yachts for chartering in town. And that is not an exaggeration. Each yacht in our fleet is beautifully designed and loaded with all the amenities that not only you expect and desire, but what we think can make your trip incredibly special. We offer luxury at its best. Our Cabo San Lucas Luxury yacht charters feature:

Deluxe Bedrooms—Sleep Like Royalty

Sailing does not mean you have to compromise on comfort. Therefore, our yachts feature deluxe bedrooms that are beautifully decorated and furnished with high quality furniture and beds, offering you maximum comfort while you are at sea.

Panoramic Roof

Enjoy the panoramic view of the sea as the sun goes down and whales and dolphins come on surface of the water. It’s a breathtaking view to watch and capture in your camera.

Dining Area

The luxurious dining area on our yachts is exclusively designed to accommodate large groups of people. Boasting a classic interior, each meal that you enjoy on board with your guests is truly going to be memorable. In this dining area, you can celebrate special occasions like your wedding anniversary or birthday and make a toast in style.

Delectable Food— freshly cooked onboard

What makes Cabo Yacht World luxury yacht charters the best way to enjoy a great trip at sea is the delectable food, freshly prepared with perfect seasoning by our onboard skilled chefs. We make sure that you and your guests are served with the highest quality of food that is cooked onboard, just the way you want! Rest assured, the food we serve you will be a treat to your taste buds and a joy to eat.

Lounge Space to Rejoice and Relax

Our lounge space is perfect to rejoice, and soak up the sun. You can relax while drinking coffee, read your favorite book by the sea or get a massage by our professional masseuse. We, at Cabo Yacht World, strive to exceed your expectations by offering you the best luxuries and customer service possible.

Professional Photography and Videography

If you’re setting out at sea to say your wedding vows, then you’ll truly love this service. Upon chartering our royal yacht, you can enjoy professional photography and videography services. Our professional photographer will click beautiful pictures of you and your better half by the sea, and make your big day unforgettable.

Wave Runners—Indulge in Sea Action

We, at Cabo Yacht World, also offer special features like wave runners. If you’re an adventurer at heart and would love to indulge in some sea action, then hop on to a wave runner and have the most fun on the water. It’s an experience you’ll cherish forever.

These luxury yacht charters can accommodate a large number of guests. And with so many luxuries and amenities to enjoy, it is surely a treat to be invited. Charter a yacht for a great trip in Cabo San Lucas.

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So, what are you waiting for? Charter a luxury yacht now and get ready to enjoy a fun-filled and luxurious trip in Cabo like never before.