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Book Your Cabo Fishing Yacht Charter with us and Get Ready to Indulge in the Most Thrilling and Super Exciting Deep Sea Sports Fishing Adventure of Your Life

Game fishing is undoubtedly one of the most exciting recreational activities that Cabo San Lucas has to offer, and that is evident from the fact that both first-time and pro anglers continue to visit Cabo to try their luck at fishing in the “The Greatest Fish Trap in the World”.

The joy of deep sea fishing in Cabo San Lucas is second to none, as it offers:

  • The best fishing grounds such as Gordo Banks, which is also known as the Wahoo Bank, as it is brimming with Wahoo. Other hot spots for fishing here are Santa Maria Canyon, San Jamie Bank, Finger Bank (the quintessential bill fishery) and the Lighthouse where anglers can find heaps of acrobatic stripers and Dorado.
  • Sports fishing action all year round, so no matter what time of the year you plan to take a trip to Cabo, you can be confident that you will get a chance to experience the game fishing adventure that the place is most touted for.

Wait, there’s more!

  • Cabo truly takes sports fishing to the next level. Here, you can find different species and sizes of sports fish, that too, in abundance. Cabo is home to the finest game fish species such as Stripped Marlin that is not just a marine beauty but also extremely hard to catch. Known for its agility and acrobatic moves, battling out with this fish can be the most difficult yet rewarding challenging of your life. Other marine life found here are Roosterfish, Skip Jacks, Mahi-Mahi, Snapper, Blue Marlin and the Big Yellow Fin Tuna which can sometimes weigh up to 300 pounds—not an easy catch, but definitely super fun to go after!

Cabo Yacht Rentals Luxury Yacht Charters

Nothing beats the Sun rays dancing on the ocean waves, the salty breeze caressing your face, the pure air, the dolphins happily popping out of the ocean surface or the whale spurting water and showing you her magnificence, the sun going down into the pristine waters of the ocean with the stars being witness to your day’s end and much more in the lap of luxury!!!

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Cabo Yacht World makes this dream a reality. With a wide fleet of luxury yachts and 10+ years of nautical tourism experience, Cabo Yacht World is both fluent in English and Spanish in order for you to confidently book your dream holiday. No matter what the occasion or reason to hire a yacht and sail on the waters, whether you plan to go fishing with your friends, a destination wedding, a celebration for any occasion that means a lot to you or simply a romantic break with your loved one.

We at Cabo Yacht World offer you Cabo yachts at the best price for any reason you want to sail across the ocean.


Cabo Yacht Luxury Fleet Cabo Yacht Luxury Fleet

A brief example of our Luxury Yachts fleet for all occasions. 50’ft Navigator for up to 12 passengers. 55’ft Sea Ray. 72’ft Blue Water for bigger groups of anglers or special events 55’ft Azimut for up to 10 passengers. 60’ft Hatteras for up to 12 anglers.

45’ft Riviera for up to 10 passengers. 124’ft Custom great for over nights. 80’ft Custom for wedding or special events for 20 passengers.

With 10+ years of nautical tourism experience in the Los Cabos area, our team is more than capable of finding you the perfect luxury yacht charter to accommodate you and your group.

Whether it is a business Cabo day cruise of 20+ passengers or a more intimate sunset cruise for two, our professional Cabo Yacht World team will be more than happy to meet your highest expectations with great customer service.


Comfort and Luxury Comfort and Luxury

Luxuries aboard our Luxury Yacht Charters.

Every Yacht is designed to add to your comfort and luxury. With our professional masseuse (upon request) you can relax your muscles while the azure waters relax your soul and mind.

Our on-board chefs are there for your palate. They are trained to prepare all the various cuisines that leave your taste buds wanting more.

Let the adrenaline flow when you choose to snorkel or scuba dive.

On the not so adventurous side, we offer what is water scooters to simply ride the waves and maybe even ride along some friendly dolphins.

It’s now time to turn that dream of yours on a luxury cruise into reality!


Fishing Boats and Yacht Charters in Cabo San Lucas

To enjoy deep sea game fishing, you will have to go offshore where the water is deeper than hundred feet. For this type of fishing, it is essential that you have the perfect seafaring ride. This is where we come into the picture.

At Cabo Yacht World, we offer you the most affordable and the widest range of game fishing boats and yacht charters in Cabo San Lucas. Explore our fleet of Cabo boat charters and luxury yacht charters to select your favorite ride and get ready for the most amazing sports fishing adventure, ever!

Chartering yachts and boats for game fishing in Cabo San Lucas is the best way to enjoy your trip because we, at Cabo Yacht World, are focused on delivering memorable experiences to our customers. And we do this by providing excellence in everything we have to offer!

From a wide variety of boats to choose from, competitive chartering rates, quality customer service and assistance to luxurious amenities and private yacht charters, with us, you get it all, under one roof. At Cabo Yacht World, we strive to not just meet but exceed your expectations so that you come back for more. Our goal is to provide you with fishing charters that are designed to withstand all the odds that you might have to experience at sea.

Our yachts for chartering in Cabo San Lucas are feature-rich, deployed with advanced navigational technologies, and loaded with amenities, so even if you decide to spend the night at sea with friends and family, on our luxury yachts, you’ll have access to all the basic and luxury amenities that you need to have fun and relax comfortably after battling it out with Stripped Marlin or Big Yellow Fin Tuna.

Operating in the industry for more than 10 years, we have the perfect combination of experience, highly-skilled team, and a growing fleet of luxury yachts and Cabo boat charters which allows us to offer our customers with the best sea rides and experiences.