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Nothing beats the Sun rays dancing on the ocean waves, the salty breeze caressing your face, the pure air, the dolphins happily popping out of the ocean surface or the whale spurting water and showing you her magnificence, the sun going down into the pristine waters of the ocean with the stars being witness to your day’s end and much more in the lap of luxury!!!

Sounds like a dream doesn’t it? Cabo Yacht World makes this dream a reality. With a wide fleet of luxury yachts and 10+ years of nautical tourism experience, Cabo Yacht World is both fluent in English and Spanish in order for you to confidently book your dream holiday. No matter what the occasion or reason to hire a yacht and sail on the waters, whether you plan to go fishing with your friends, a destination wedding, a celebration for any occasion that means a lot to you or simply a romantic break with your loved one.

We at Cabo Yacht World offer you Cabo yachts at the best price for any reason you want to sail across the ocean.


Cabo Yacht Luxury Fleet cabo yachts

A brief example of our Luxury Yachts fleet for all occasions. 50’ft Navigator for up to 12 passengers. 55’ft Sea Ray. 72’ft Blue Water for bigger groups of anglers or special events 55’ft Azimut for up to 10 passengers. 60’ft Hatteras for up to 12 anglers.

45’ft Riviera for up to 10 passengers. 124’ft Custom great for over nights. 80’ft Custom for wedding or special events for 20 passengers.

With 10+ years of nautical tourism experience in the Los Cabos area, our team is more than capable of finding you the perfect luxury yacht charter to accommodate you and your group.

Whether it is a business Cabo day cruise of 20+ passengers or a more intimate sunset cruise for two, our professional Cabo Yacht World team will be more than happy to meet your highest expectations with great customer service.


Comfort and Luxury cabo yachts

Luxuries aboard our Luxury Yacht Charters.

Every Yacht is designed to add to your comfort and luxury. With our professional masseuse (upon request) you can relax your muscles while the azure waters relax your soul and mind.

Our on-board chefs are there for your palate. They are trained to prepare all the various cuisines that leave your taste buds wanting more.

Let the adrenaline flow when you choose to snorkel or scuba dive.

On the not so adventurous side, we offer what is water scooters to simply ride the waves and maybe even ride along some friendly dolphins.

It’s now time to turn that dream of yours on a luxury cruise into reality!